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KNOW Homelessness is a public marketing campaign seeking to change our understanding of homelessness and its effects in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

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KNOW Homelessness is a campaign built to generate exposure, education, and new ways to engage with the problem of regional homelessness as it evolves. We aim to create productive discussions and encourage action by providing the community with easy ways to get involved with organizations in our community combating the situation.

The Know Homelessness campaign includes a documentary series highlighting the personal stories, struggles, and successes of residents who have dealt with homelessness: a mother of four and a survivor of domestic violence; a professional chef who earns less than a living wage and can’t afford to pay rent; a ph. D. student who was evicted while still in high school. The videos offer an opportunity to get to know each of them, move beyond stereotypes and stigma, and witness how homelessness transforms individuals as well as communities.


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Why KNOW Homelessness?

For many of us, homelessness feels like a problem that is too big, too complicated to address. We want to break through that fatigue with human connection, with attention, and with information. The common understandings and representations of homeless communities are incomplete. Know Homelessness aims to bring to light the reality and scale of homelessness, dispel the myths, and make the issue visible; make it knowable.




It is our hope that this campaign will start a conversation.

When we first started our work in housing insecurity and homelessness, we met with several stakeholders and service providers in our region. One issue that continued to surface was the implications public perception of homelessness had on the service provider’s ability to properly support our most vulnerable neighbors.

Public perception isn’t something that changes overnight. It is our hope that this campaign will start a conversation around homelessness, spread truth and dispel myths, and really cause people to challenge any preconceived notions they may have about individuals who are experiencing homelessness.

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The KNOW Homelessness campaign is a community effort and everyone can play a part. To learn more about the issue of homelessness, watch more stories and find out how you can take action, visit the KNOW Homelessness campaign website.

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