Virtuous Software is the nonprofit CRM helping charities build better relationships, raise more money, inspire more action, and create more good in the world. Created by world-class developers with more than a decade of experience working with nonprofits, Virtuous Software empowers charities by helping them turn donors and supporters into advocates and community builders. Virtuous works side by side with organizations to inspire growth. Gabe Cooper, the founder and CEO of Virtuous, has over 14 years of software development experience and has worked with some of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world. The product has tremendous impact potential within the nonprofit space with a total addressable market of more than 180,000 companies.

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Why Virtuous?

Virtuous Software was created in 2014 to help charitable organizations leverage software to grow generosity, inspire action, and create personal connections with supporters and communities. The Virtuous CRM delivers a virtual command center where nonprofits can finally tailor their messages to individual donors, track donors by their passions or geographic location, and even use big data analytics to see which relationships need more attention.

Of the 1.5 million charities in the U.S., most are using antiquated donor management tools accessible by only a few power users. These solutions see donors as transactions and are incapable of creating or maintaining necessary relationships.

The opportunity for Virtuous is vast. In addition to having the most innovative product on the market, the CRM industry is growing fast with an average annual growth rate of nearly 10%.

Within any community, you will find nonprofit organizations serving the neediest populations, but not always resourced with the best tools. We believe our investment in Virtuous is a mission-aligned investment for us in that it builds more inclusive economies that help communities to flourish.

How We Helped

We led Virtuous’ first two rounds of institutional capital. The first round allowed the company to finalize the product and enter the market, which was received with extreme enthusiasm. The second round of investment we participated in was designed to launch key new relationship automation features and increase marketing and sales efforts, allowing the company to accelerate its mission of helping charities build better relationships with donors and do more good in the world.

Virtuous’ Series A, completed in 2019, will allow the company to scale its operations and continue to expand the company’s sales and marketing efforts. In addition to providing equity capital, we have provided human capital through our position on the company’s board of directors, and are heavy users of the company’s platform.

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