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Building a more inclusive and creative economy means working to ensure that the economy functions for all people and that all people have the financial freedom and mobility to pursue every opportunity they desire. To us, a thriving economy is one that is equitable, dynamic, and resilient and that if we can achieve that goal, we will see increased economic prosperity, opportunity, and participation.

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Our Mission

Access Ventures seeks organizations that share our desire to see people and communities flourish and operate businesses that are economically viable. In a traditional investment portfolio, one’s values and morals can be largely ignored. We believe our financial decisions should not be in conflict with our corporate and personal values. Furthermore, we believe we can achieve attractive returns without compromising our mission to build more inclusive economies.

We strive for excellence and forward-thinking that challenges the status quo with new and creative ways to make impactful investments. Our investment approach begins with a process of reviewing a company's mission-alignment with our organization. After determining a fit, we then move to a financial review of the opportunity. We believe that opportunities to create an inclusive economy come in all shapes and sizes, therefore a single investment vehicle is not sufficient. We invest across a spectrum of asset classes, ranging from program-related investments to market-rate investments. This leads to a blended portfolio approach that is maximized for impact and weighted for return.

Our Vision

From Local Roots to a Global Impact

It seems every time we turn on the news, someone is talking about the economy. Even before the recession of 2008, the economy was a major talking point and focus of politicians from both sides of the aisle. Political strategist James Carville coined the phrase “it’s the economy, stupid” as a reminder for former President Clinton to stay on-point while campaigning. President Reagan equally emphasized the economy in his inaugural run for the White House against President Carter in 1980. The economy is a significant factor in our daily lives. Today, we are facing a moral crisis in our economy. Poverty continues to persist (and in many cases grow) despite realized gains in productivity. Mobility, as well, remains limited for many citizens. Therefore, it’s not okay to simply build a functioning economy. We need to press into the much more difficult and essential task of building a more inclusive economy.

We’re working to build environments in which creators, entrepreneurs, and investors thrive. We measure success by opened doors, vibrant community life, and changed lives.

At Access Ventures, we propose an economic environment dictated not by narrow-minded self-interest, but by valuing the importance of pursuing equitably distributed growth, growth that is optimized to extend opportunities for upward mobility to every citizen. Dignity remains inherent to our value and worth as human beings. Everyone is born with it, and as such, we all have a deep, human desire to be treated as something of value. Equity, fairness, and justice – these make up the bedrock of dignity. When people talk about these components, they are stating loudly that the human condition is not how it should be. Vulnerable people everywhere face systemic opposition. Therefore, it’s not okay to simply build a functioning economy. We must build a more inclusive economy – an economy that demonstrates this inalienable truth.

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Our expansive portfolio reflects our commitment to one-pocket investing and our vision of a more inclusive and creative economy. Explore the projects and investments within our strategic initiatives.

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Our Approach

We believe all assets should reflect your organization’s values. At Access Ventures, every opportunity is first inspected for mission, then reviewed for financial fit.

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