About Us

Building a more inclusive and creative economy means working to ensure that the economy functions for all people and that all people have the financial freedom and mobility to pursue every opportunity they desire. To us, a thriving economy is one that is equitable, dynamic, and resilient and that if we can achieve that goal, we will see increased economic prosperity, opportunity, and participation.

Inclusive & Creative

Vulnerable people everywhere face systemic opposition. Therefore, it’s not okay to simply build a functioning economy. We must build a more inclusive economy. The economy represents not just an engine for industry, but an opportunity to demonstrate the inalienable dignity of all people and a system that prioritizes people will be more inclusive and creative.






When an economy is more equitable,
dynamic, resilient we will see…

  • More people able to access and participate as workers and business owners

  • Not just jobs, but quality jobs

  • Social and economic well-being is increasingly sustained over time

  • A reduction of inequality and an increase in economic prosperity (agency)

Our Approach

We believe all assets should reflect your organization’s values. At Access Ventures, every opportunity is first inspected for mission, then reviewed for financial fit.

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Conscious Construction

 Access Ventures works every day alongside our partners to consciously construct a dynamic portfolio believing that we build better strategies for our portfolios, when we challenge false assumptions about returns and how best to maximize impact by demonstrating financial return and social impact are not mutually exclusive.