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Kairos, through their affordable housing strategy, purchases, owns, and manages affordable housing including low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC), self-regulated market rate, manufactured housing, and 55+ communities.

Why Kairos?

The Kairos affordable housing strategy has a three-pronged approach to impact investing:
  1. Provides quality affordable housing as a means to effect change and directly impact the lives of tenants across the United States
  2. Makes environmental impact investments in water conservation, energy efficiency, and waste reduction improvements in properties to (a) reduce the carbon footprint, and (b) maximize operating efficiency and reduce operating expenses within portfolio properties intended to increase cash flow and net operating income
  3. Promotes positive social impact and community support through resident and community programs that are tailored based on the demographics of the tenants and their specific needs to (a) improve quality of life, (b) create a more cohesive community, (c) lower turnover/higher occupancy, and (d) lower credit loss in the portfolio

How We Helped

Our investment in the Kairos affordable housing strategy has helped provide quality affordable housing, carbon reduction, and social support in underserved communities.

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