In order to drive adoption and achieve meaningful scale, blockchain protocols and applications must either integrate with or circumvent the infrastructure which facilitates today’s economic life. This challenge remains largely unsolved in one of the most important use cases of blockchain technology: making cryptocurrency spendable in brick-and-mortar settings. Flexa is designing a network which allows consumers to spend their cryptocurrencies at traditional retail stores. The app acts as a bridge between merchants and the evolving digital payments landscape, enabling retailers to receive cryptocurrency without having to upgrade their point-of-sale technology. Ultimately, Flexa is building the infrastructure through which consumers can spend the cryptocurrencies of their choice quickly and easily, whether in stores or online.

Why Flexa?

We believe that a reliable bridge between cryptocurrencies and brick-and-mortar retailers is critical infrastructure for the decentralized economy.

Flexa has assembled the right team to tackle this challenge. With several decades of combined experience in both payments and blockchain technology, Flexa’s team has the technical and business development expertise necessary to design the right protocol and craft the partnerships that are critical to building and scaling a robust network.

How We Helped

We participated in Flexa’s private token offering. In addition to supporting Flexa as a capital provider, we are active users and proponents of their network. We are supporting Flexa’s ongoing push to expand their network of retail partners, leveraging the retail companies within our current portfolio and an extensive network of SMBs across the country through our strategic relationships with organizations like Kiva. More personally, we will channel as much of our corporate spending as we can through Flexa and Flex Network Protocol enabled applications.

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