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Brevet is a private debt fund that places short-to-medium duration loans to middle-market companies whose revenues are directly or indirectly backed by government-sponsored programs. Brevet is focused on the government sector, where payment timing delays occur often, creating a need for private companies with government contracts to find alternative sources of funding to bridge shortfalls that result from the timing gaps. Since inception, Brevet has worked with a wide variety of State, Local and Federal government agencies. The firm has demonstrated a strong track record of steady returns since instituting its direct lending activities in 2009.

Why Brevet?

Access Ventures has invested in Brevet because they are providing critical bridge financing to middle-market companies that are subject to funding gaps. Brevet’s direct lending fund is a good fit for our endowment because it provides an attractive reward-to-risk profile while maintaining an uncorrelated performance profile relative to the broader market.

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