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Lenderfit aligns lenders and their clients in one unified application experience. Communication is key, which requires more than a simple client portal. Unlike typical core backend solutions, clients work within the same system as their lender resulting in fewer errors, personalized interactions, and time saved. Lenderfit offers the ability to increase portfolio size, capacity, and client satisfaction without adding additional staff.

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It Began With A Desire For Better Lending

While creating our own loan program called the Growth Loan and supporting other microloan products nationwide, certain systemic issues began to appear through experienced-based learnings that were less evident when we first began our work in the access to capital arena.

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Design Sprint

Time and again, communities across the country all described similar pain points. Small business lenders and small businesses themselves were struggling to connect in multiple ways, with the biggest breakdown occurring in the application phase. We spent a week in 2017 as a team conducting a design sprint to see if we could develop a product to solve for this pain point.


Through the process and practical experience deploying loans, we partnered with the Kauffman Foundation to build a new platform that included automation, transparency, security, and was mobile-friendly to simplify the commercial lending process.

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