On this episode, Bryce talks with Dr. Astrid Scholz and Matthew Weatherly-White. Astrid is the Founder & Managing Partner at Sphaera Solutions, a for-purpose, for-profit tech company dedicated to accelerating the pace of change. She is also co-founder of Zebras Unite and co-founder of XXcelerate. Matthew is Co-Founder and Managing Director at The Caprock Group. He is the principal architect of Caprock’s Impact Investing Platform and the creator of the now-independent impact reporting platform iPAR. The three discuss the history of philanthropy, mythology and culture, the importance of risk as well as mission alignment when it comes to philanthropy and investment, and more. 

Behind almost every philanthropic foundation, there is a plan and goal to be a perpetual endowment. This has caused some foundations to focus more on organizational survival and asset preservation at the expense of achieving their mission. Could foundations be more effective in addressing the pressing problems in our communities by spending those assets? 

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