MobileServe: Helping Volunteers Tell Their Story

MobileServe isn’t just a company that streamlines volunteer tracking, it’s a company that puts service towards others at the core of their business. Access Ventures started working with MobileServe over four years ago. From what started as a small sized loan through Kiva to a direct investment into the company’s seed round, we’ve had the unique opportunity to walk alongside this company as it grew into what it is today.

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MobileServe is a tool that allows volunteers and organizations to track and highlight their impact. It allows users to focus on having an impact without the hassle of reporting and documentation. Whether it’s working with an organization sending volunteers out into the community or helping a nonprofit track the volunteers impacting their organization. MobileServe looks to create stronger bonds between individuals and the organizations they serve.

Christopher Head, cofounder of MobileServe, was a volunteer with the Kentucky YMCA, an organization with over 7,0000 teenagers across the commonwealth doing really cool things in their communities, but the organization was still relying on pen, paper, and excel to track their impact. He thought that there must be an easier way, and when he and his cofounder, Ben Reno-Weber couldn’t find one, they built one.

The team at MobileServe hasn’t only built a tool to facilitate volunteerism, they’ve also built a company culture around serving their company. Every other month, the team takes a day to work at a nonprofit in the community. Outside of that, the company encourages their employees to have an impact on organizations that are important to them whether it’s as a volunteer or serving on the board.

When not volunteering in the community, the folks at MobileServe work in a very open and collaborative office space. On any given day you’ll hear a number of sales and support calls, while our developers work to improve the platform. You’ll regularly hear team members getting feedback from each other and working together to solve problems as they all bring a unique perspective to the process.

MobileServe is a great example of how you don’t have to sacrifice doing good in order to make money.

When Access Ventures makes an investment decision we use a one-pocket mindset. We align our values as a company with our need to make a capital return on investment. MobileServe is a great example of how you don’t have to sacrifice doing good in order to make money. One- Pocket investing is about impact, it’s about empowerment, it’s about people.

Users of this tool have logged more than 3 million hours of service with an economic impact of more than $79M on their communities. The return on investment for Access Ventures is more than just financial, it includes the time and labor each of the volunteers who have felt empowered to serve their community through this tool. To us, that impact is what drives us to invest in a company like MobileServe.

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