Exploring the Future of Web3

with Shawn Cheng

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About This Episode

On this special episode of More Than Profit, Ben Terry, Chief Creative Officer, and TJ Abood, Chief Investment Officer, of Access Ventures step in as guest hosts and talk with Shawn Cheng, Partner at ConsenSys Mesh, an accelerator and incubator of blockchain technology solutions that uses their knowledge and expertise to champion the global adoption of Web 3.0.

Shawn is an early-stage investor and operator with a deep passion for frontier technologies with over 15 years of experience bridging startups and brands like Vayner/RSE, VaynerMedia, BBDO, and Razorfish. He is a Lego lover, a dad of 2 humans and 1 cat, and an Asian American advocate.

Shawn, Ben, and TJ discuss all things crypto including DAOs (of which Shawn is a member of 7), NFTs, and DeFi. They also talk about the history and landscape of Web 3.0, The role of ConsenSys in the Ethereum ecosystem, interesting and innovative use cases for blockchain tech, and how to build a quality community in the world of crypto. Learn more on this episode of More Than Profit, Exploring the Future of Web3 with Shawn Cheng.

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“At the heart of where we end up, we want to put the community ahead of everything else.”

Shawn Cheng