Attacking a Market Failure

With Candice Matthews Brackeen

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About This Episode

On this episode of More Than Profit, Bryce talks with Candice Matthews Brackeen, founder of Lightship Capital. As a business consultant, she has spent her professional career building community and seizing opportunities to promote growth. She discovered that black founders were underfunded, with only 0.67% venture-backed, so she began Lightship Capital to fund startups led by BIPOC, women, LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities. She and Bryce discuss creating an inclusive community within the marketplace and the value of having a holistic approach to consulting and investing. Candice describes the importance of getting to know the background and culture of each founder. Learn more on this episode of More Than Profit, Attacking a Market Failure with Candice Matthews Brackeen.

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History has shown that people forget very easily. We forget those inflection points and ease into bad habits.”

Candice Matthews Brackeen