The “Muted Flowers” mural was designed by Tyler Deeb, a local designer living in the Shelby Park neighborhood, and was brought to life by people in the community.┬áThe mural was installed onto the side of the Bornstein Building Company facing one of the busiest streets in Shelby Park.

  • We organized and welcomed the community to participate in one of the first community art projects in the neighborhood.

How We Helped

We commissioned Tyler Deeb to interpret and design a mural connected to the theme “Building Something Bigger Than Ourselves.” We then identified and requested permission to install the mural on the wall of the Bornstein Building Company.

Over 100 different colors were painted onto 2,042 square units by more than 150 volunteers from the community.

Once the design was completed, we partnered with local organizations and community leaders to help paint the mural. People now stop and experience the completed mural in an area of town that has often been overlooked by the outside community.

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