In 2014, we purchased a building that had previously been used as a motorcycle repair shop and also a small engine repair shop. Over the past 100 years, the building has gone through various stages of vacancies, neglect and has also been used for three to four other types of businesses. Currently, the building has been restored and is a local coworking space called The Park.

As a prominent building in the neighborhood along a one-way corridor, we began to explore how to best communicate our efforts in the neighborhood through our physical space by partnering with a local designer, Bryan Patrick Todd, to design and install a mural that would become a unified message of hope in the community. We believe that the cultivation of smart, skilled, conceptually rich and beautiful art is essential for the health and development of individuals and communities.

building something bigger

Bryan Patrick Todd designed for us a mural then worked with a sign painting company to transfer from paper to the exterior wall.

How We Helped

What began as a project to simply restore a building, turned into a coworking community, which then developed into a neighborhood effort through art. We petitioned several leaders and the neighborhood association to help define the phrase. We asked, “If you could describe Shelby Park in a phrase, what would it be?”

building something bigger

We received some amazing feedback, and the phrase that emerged to capture our attention most and reflect our collective desire for community transformation was “Building Something Bigger Than Ourselves”.

Building Something Bigger than Ourselves, Together.

We then commissioned Bryan Patrick Todd to design for us a mural using his skills with lettering and illustration. Todd then worked with a sign painting company to transfer from paper to the exterior wall, an exceptional community art piece in less than 2 days. The mural continues to serve as a mission statement for our community to build something bigger than ourselves and doing it together.

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