that Matter

How We Help

We strive for new and creative ways to make impactful investments that will build more inclusive economies. We help by investing financial and human capital into companies, initiatives, and ideas that enable human flourishing.


Relationship support ranges from soliciting volunteers to identifying industry thought leaders and high-impact brand advocates. We seek to connect our investment partners with those that have the ability to support, enhance, or grow their impact.


Our equity investments are more personal than simple capital infusion – they provide a partner that shares in the risks and rewards of the business. We establish a common interest in the impact and long-term success of the business.


Every day, hard working business owners struggle to identify adequate sources of capital. The loans we provide help keep profits within a company, increasing returns on equity for current company owners, and providing working capital to purchase equipment to help grow jobs within a community.


As a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation, we make grants to organizations that advance our own organization's goals. We don't have a grants process, but will partner with other organizations to manifest the types of change we hope to see.

Investment Criteria

Mission Alignment

We look for organizations that share our desire to see people and communities flourish and operate businesses that are economically viable.


We invest in experienced leaders and management teams that have a desire to measure and manage social and financial return.


We seek partners that prioritize people above profit in a responsible manner. We invest in companies that operate sustainable business models that create jobs, make room for personal growth, and align with our focus areas.


We invest in companies that have tremendous potential to impact their local communities through their presence, services, and job creation. We also seek companies that have innovative, market-making ideas with the potential for global impact.