Rules & FAQs


  1. Each proposal will be submitted by an entry team. An entry team can be one person or a number of people and has no limit on size. The entry team creates the proposal but is not necessarily the entire management team of the enterprise.
  2. All entry teams should be located in the Louisville MSA (Louisville and Southern Indiana)
  3. At least one member of the entry team must have experience working with the population you are serving.
  4. You can apply on behalf of an existing non-profit organization that works with the population you intend to hire but new ideas are also accepted.


What is the Supportive Employment Incubator?

Access Ventures wants to create a culture that encourages and facilitates more supportive employment. Our incubator is designed to foster the creation of social enterprises or enterprising non-profits that are intentional about who they hire and how they support those they hire by creating a work environment and employment model that provides the additional support they need to be successful.

Who is Access Ventures?

Access Ventures exists to open doors that would otherwise be closed. By offering one-pocket investment opportunities and inviting entrepreneurs, creators and investors to share in an active and vibrant vision for their communities, we are all enriched as we build something together.

We believe all assets should reflect your organization’s values. At Access Ventures, each investment opportunity is first inspected for mission, then reviewed for financial fit. As a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation, Access Ventures works with organizations of all sizes, from startups to enterprises in the private, public, and social sectors.

I’ve already started up my enterprise. Can I submit an entry?

Yes. We accept proposals from organizations that are still looking for capital.

Can I apply if the grant prize is the only expected source of funding for my venture?

Yes, though preference will be given to those ventures that pursue and factor in additional sources of funding.

Does industry matter?

No. We are open to everything from food services to furniture production and everything in between. Preference is given towards an enterprise that is working in an industry that makes sense for transitional  employees that require more supportive environments and structures and that have the potential pathway to hire and sustain more substantial numbers of employees.

What is the difference between a social enterprise and an enterprising non-profit?

Social Enterprise – The creation of social impact by developing and implementing a sustainable business model which draws on innovative solutions that benefit the disadvantaged and, ultimately, society at large. It is a profitable business with a clear and specific goal of financial returns but also is uniquely designed to bring intangible benefit to people and society through creative employment, etc. (Example: Hot Chicken Takeover in Columbus, Ohio)

Enterprising Non-Profit – the move by a non-profit organization to develop an enterprise that is intentionally concessionary in financial returns in order to it’s align program objectives with revenue needed to offset some costs for the business. It is the intentional deployment of a business model that generates revenue that is often offset as the employment is supplemented as a part of program services for the non profit (ie counseling, treatment, training). (Example: Scarlet’s Bakery and Scarlet Hope in Louisville, Kentucky)

How in depth do my financials need to be?

Your financials do not need to be perfect and will likely change through the incubation program. We included this section in the application in order to get a sense of a.) how viable your business proposal is and b.) to see how you think about financials.

How do I apply?

You can register here  starting Thursday, December 6th, 2018 until Friday, February 1st, 2019. Once you’ve registered, your registration will be reviewed and, if eligible, you will be emailed an application.

When is the registration deadline?

Friday, February 1st, 2019 at 11:59 ET.

When is the application deadline?

Thursday, February 28th, 2019 at 11:59 ET.

I’m not located in Jefferson County, KY, Floyd County, IN or Clark County, IN, can I still apply?

No. This program has a regional focus. However, you may be eligible for a different Access Ventures Supportive Employment program. Stay up to date on our programs here.

What do I get if I’m selected?

If your proposal is selected you can receive up to $100,000 dollars in the form of debt or equity as well as tailored financial and marketing workshops to help you build out your business model.