On this episode of More Than Profit, Bryce talks with Stephanie Gripne, CEO of Impact Finance Center, a multi-university nonprofit academic center that identifies, trains, and activates philanthropists and investors to become impact investors. She is also the creative force behind the National Impact Investing Marketplace with a goal to catalyze $1 Trillion in investment capital into social ventures by replicating and scaling infrastructure that was piloted in Colorado. Stephanie shares about her relationship with her father, who supported and fostered her early entrepreneurial spirit and was also homeless at one point, her love of nature and risk-taking, and the loss of both of her parents at an early age. Bryce learns the story behind Stephanie’s resume and how her career has been shaped by a genuine love for the work she does. 

Foundations traditionally have grant-making staff and endowment investing staff that operate entirely independent of each other. So what happens when foundations move beyond this kind of “two-pocket” thinking and into a more “one-pocket” mindset?

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