The Nervos Network is an open-source blockchain ecosystem pioneering a novel “store-of-assets” platform design which could solve the most critical challenges preventing blockchains from supporting dynamic applications. The Nervos Network is designed to combine Bitcoin’s proven Proof-of-Work security model with the multi-asset and smart contracting capabilities pioneered by Etherium in a stable and scalable ecosystem.

Why Nervos

Nervos benefits from the unique advantage of developing after the initial rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum, but before the significant technological and design challenges preventing the development of most use cases have been resolved. Their unique approach promises to be a key catalyst to unlocking dynamic applications of blockchain technology.

How We Helped

We participated in the Nervos SAFT sale. In addition to funding the build out of the Nervos Network and community, our participation helps Nervos decentralize their network of CKB holders upon their launch.

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