The resulting dissemination of trading applications from the introduction of the internet produced extensive functionality to a broader spectrum of investors, more specifically the ability to engage in markets with more efficient execution and diminished fees. Now, the next phase of growth towards a more accessible economy is occurring as blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency become more prominent and disruptive, just as the internet once was. Galois Capital is a unique digital assets fund that has developed a diverse portfolio of both on-exchange and over the counter investments through market-making and algorithmic trading. Galois allows for the investment into Blockchain protocols and applications, creating a more robust market and paving the way towards a more inclusive and decentralized economy.  


As we seek non-concessionary financial returns without sacrificing our values, the one pocket investment approach requires collaboration with experts in their field. The Galois team is a well-qualified example of such partnership as their investment views follows that of Access Ventures, allowing for the diversification of our portfolio with entry into blockchain investments.  

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We are limited partners in the first fund raised by Galois.

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