The Eco platform and network have been designed to accelerate adoption of cryptocurrency as a mainstream means of payment.  The company is founded on the belief that existing payment networks operate on inefficient infrastructure -- designed for compliance at the cost of security and captive to the banking system -- which unnecessarily inflates the risk and cost of processing a transaction. Eco has been designed from the ground up to provide more efficient and secure payment processing. Concurrently, Eco has partnered with a consortium to build a network that will introduce fraud prevention and dispute resolution to crypto payments. While these features are critical for the adoption of blockchain based payments, the trust-less nature of blockchain networks has prevented existing cryptocurrencies from delivering the functionality.

Why Eco?

We believe the proliferation of blockchain technology will transform numerous industries and drive unprecedented impact — creating a smarter and more inclusive economy. We are therefore excited about companies that help accelerate the progression and adoption of the technology. 

Eco is leading a thoughtful and comprehensive effort toward realizing blockchain’s promise to reinvent the way in which the world transacts.

How We Helped

We participated in Eco’s SAFT offering. In addition to supporting Eco as a capital provider, we will be active users and proponents of their network.

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