Drivetime is building games for the millions who will benefit from interactive entertainment the most - drivers stuck in traffic. Building on years of experience in game development, and using state-of-the-art voice recognition software, DriveTime creates a safe environment for commuters to play games. Americans spend a collective 2.5 billion hours in their cars every month, commuting to and from work, mostly by themselves. Why shouldn't they be able to play games while they drive?  

Why DriveTime?

We were drawn to DriveTime by the founding team’s experience in game design and their desire to build a product that had a positive impact on the gaming community. Given the emphasis on entertainment, we believe it is best viewed through the lens of a creative economy.

How We Helped

We participated in the first round of equity capital raised by the company. The investment proceeds were used to hire the team necessary to bring the first product to market and provide a runway for additional product development. Additionally, the entire Access Ventures team had a blast being beta users and provided feedback on user experience. More recently, Access Ventures participated in Drivetime’s Series A round of investment alongside leading firms in tech and media to help the company scale as it continues to execute its vision.

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