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Collab Capital is an innovative investment fund leveraging financial, human, and social capital to help Black founders build sustainable, technology-enabled businesses. The fund leverages a profit share investment model to deliver capital to companies that may not fit--or that may not desire to fit--traditional venture capital and debt financing models, attracting founders who value profitability, ownership, and optionality.

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Why Collab?

Collab believes that Black founders represent both the fastest-growing entrepreneurial segment and the most under-resourced and under-networked, truths which intersect to create a tremendous market opportunity. This vision and thesis aligns well with our mission to create a more inclusive economy and supports our one-pocket endowment management philosophy by providing a compelling opportunity for mission-aligned return.

How We Helped

We are limited partners through our investment in Collab Fund I.

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Our vision is to impact the world by providing capital to the best organizations. If you have a project or idea you’d like to discuss with us then please send us information about your business to review.

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