Catchafire is a New York City-based, for-purpose social mission business, and a certified B-Corporation. The company is transforming the nonprofit sector by mobilizing skills-based volunteers to produce tens of millions of dollars in donated time each year. Catchafire makes it easy for anyone to use their talents for good and provides nonprofits with access to high-quality talent. Nonprofits that work with Catchafire’s skilled volunteers solve some of their biggest challenges, save tens of thousands in professional fees, and build lasting relationships with talented supporters. Professionals who volunteer with Catchafire make new connections, build their resumes, and give back in a highly leveraged way that truly matters. Founder Rachael Chong seeks “a world where it is commonplace to give back”. When Rachael began her career out of college, she was frustrated that she couldn’t find the right volunteer opportunities that both fit her schedule and encompassed the skills she wanted to volunteer. Having worked in microfinance, she also learned how powerful pro bono work was for nonprofit organizations. Catchafire launched as a solution to these two problems on the simple idea of “matching talent to purpose”.

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Why Catchafire?

Catchafire was created to supply much-needed capacity for social sector organizations, which in turn allows those organizations to allocate more resources to their work of creating a more inclusive community.

Founded in 2009, Catchafire is based on the belief that a meaningful volunteer experience has the power to awaken the change-maker in each of us. Millions of professionals have expressed a desire to donate their skills to nonprofits in need but do not have ready access. At the same time, nonprofits can lack expertise in numerous skill-based positions and struggle to access flexible or affordable resources. Catchafire connects these two parties, thus creating high-quality capacity for organizations in need.

Catchafire works with Fortune 500 companies to offer volunteer projects for employee engagement, connecting skilled professionals in the for-profit sector to social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders solving challenges in the world.

How We Helped

We participated in an equity round of investment that provided capital necessary for Catchafire to ramp up enterprise sales to capture market opportunity and continue to improve the product user experience. We are excited to see Catchafire continue to grow and help provide talented individuals with meaningful pro bono experiences in order to build capacity for social good organizations. Learn more about Catchafire by visiting their website.

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