Software consultancy can feel like a commodity business, that is until you meet Brushfire Interactive. The company humbly attempts to “delight users” and judging by their accolades, it appears to be working. Their work has won Apple’s App Design of the Year award, top 10 app of the year by New York Times, three Apple Hall of Fame awards, and many more. You can usually read their reviews in Wired, Mashable, and Forbes. So what makes this company so compelling? Other than super-human design capabilities, the entire team is passionate about building world-class products. The team is able to quickly switch from ideation to strategy to development. The engineering expertise on staff allows Brushfire to build on virtually any platform to suit their consumers’ needs  

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Why Brushfire?

We saw obvious areas of overlap between the initiatives of Access Ventures and the skills and passion of the Brushfire team. Nearly all of our portfolio companies are in need of Brushfire services in one way or another. More importantly, the team builds leading-edge products for a host of companies seeking to impact the world for good.

The company has a long history of building products for the social sector, including iDonateGivr, and Compassion International.

The company has a strong brand within a large, growing industry. In addition to brand positioning, they have expertise in areas that are poised for strong growth, such as education and agriculture.

How We Helped

We participated in an equity round of investment that provided growth capital necessary for Brushfire to expand its services deeper into the industries it serves. In addition to capital investment, we have also joined the board of directors to assist the team with its growth initiatives.

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