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Bright Funds is on the forefront of workplace philanthropy as it helps organizations and their employees change the world through impactful social good programs. It enables employee donors to choose their cause and give to individual nonprofits or exclusively available “Funds” comprised of multiple nonprofits. The platform also allows corporations to manage their internal grant programs, relief efforts, and other social impact initiatives. In one platform, Bright Funds brings together the power of research, the reliability of a trusted financial service, and the convenience of single-point contributions and company reporting. The platform can unlock greater generosity and funnel it to the most impactful organizations in the world.

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Why Bright Funds?

Bright Funds specializes in generating awareness for nonprofit organizations and increasing revenue to support their program activities.

Many of us have certain causes that are dear to us, and we likely support specific organizations serving the cause. Of course, many other organizations are serving as well, but how do you learn of them? Bright Funds highlights leading organizations within the cause you care about to provide additional options for financial contribution.

Bright Funds serves enterprise clients such as Box, Cisco, and Campbells, providing large-scale exposure for nonprofits. Although enterprise sales have always represented a vast market, the aspect of human-resource targeted sales is growing tremendously.

With regards to donations facilitated through employers, the sky’s the limit. Approximately 60% of Americans donate to nonprofit organizations, however, less than 15% do so directly through their employer.

The Bright Funds platform can unlock greater generosity and funnel it to the most impactful organizations in the world.

How We Helped

We participated in an equity round of investment that provided the capital necessary to staff up to meet an ongoing sales demand, as well as continue to build out the product to handle more volume.

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Our vision is to impact the world by providing capital to the best organizations. If you have a project or idea you’d like to discuss with us then please send us information about your business to review.

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