The blockchain protocols which underpin bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can only support a small fraction of the transaction throughput which flows through existing financial infrastructure. In order for cryptocurrencies to serve as a viable alternative to existing financial networks, or power the innovative new financial activity promised by decentralized protocols, they must be able to scale to support more transaction throughput. Second layer scaling solutions have emerged as the leading mechanism through which a blockchain protocol can remain decentralized, but support a greater throughput of transactions.

But in order to support a wide range of economic activity, cryptocurrencies must solve for privacy in addition to achieving greater scalability. This is because most blockchains and all existing second layer scalability solutions leak information to the public which compromises privacy of the users that would leverage their innovation.

Enter Bolt Labs. By leveraging groundbreaking cryptographic techniques, Bolt Labs has developed the BOLT: Blind Off-chain Lightweight Transactions protocol, which facilitates payment channels that are both highly scalable and fully privacy preserving.

Why Bolt

We believe that the BOLT protocol is a groundbreaking innovation which will be a powerful catalyst for a range of applications which are not appropriate for fully public blockchains, and which are constrained by the scalability challenge facing decentralized crypto networks.

Led by the team which pioneered the use of zk-SNARKS to create Zcash, the first fully privacy preserving blockchain protocol, and one of the most highly valued cryptocurrencies, the Bolt Labs team is well positioned to facilitate the implementation and use of the BOLT protocol.

How We Helped

We participated in Bolt Labs’ first round of equity capital. The investment proceeds are being used to test out the initial applications the Bolt Labs team is pursuing for integration and deployment of the BOLT protocol.

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