Mariana Juarez

Mariana Juarez


Mariana was born and raised in Mexico City and moved to Kentucky, alongside her parents and siblings, almost 5 years ago. She is currently a Senior at the University of Louisville majoring in Finance and Economics. Mariana originally wanted to be an actuary, just like her aunt, but the more she learned about what actuaries do, the more she realized that wasn’t for her.

Mariana’s dad is a small business owner and she has had the opportunity of watching from up close what it’s like to run a business. These experiences sparked her interest in small businesses and in working with entrepreneurs.

Since freshman year Mariana has learned more about VCs and the important role they play in making dreams happen by believing in and funding small but powerful ideas. Her dream is to one day have a VC of her own.

In Mariana’s free time, she enjoys running, discovering new movies and series, and reading magazines.

"Belonging shouldn’t mean you are like everyone else.” - Misty Copeland

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