Our Team



  • TJ Abood

    Investment Committee
    Partner, Access Ventures
  • Josh Albertsen

    Investment Commitee
    Managing Partner, Newfield Capital
  • Bryce Butler

    Investment Committee
    Managing Partner, Access Ventures
  • Thomas Kim

    Investment Committee
    Principal, Morningside Capital
  • Amanda Bates

    Loan Committee
    Executive Director, Wild Accelerator
  • Natalia Bishop

    Loan Commitee
    Founder & Chief Happiness Officer, Level Up & Story Louisville
  • Bayard Donaldson

    Loan Committee
    Financial Advisor, Barnes Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Janiece Green

    Loan Committee
    Sr. Advisor - Technology & Digital Integration, Purdue University's Agile Strategy Lab
  • Dr. Angelique Johnson

    Loan Commitee
    Founder & CEO, MEMStim LLC
  • Tamuna Loladze

    Loan Committee
    Chief Operating Officer, Bluegrass International Fund
  • Jack Seiffert

    Loan Committee
    Associate, Stites & Harbison
  • Andy Steen

    Loan Committee
    Director Of Strategic Partnerships, Revon Systems, Inc.
  • David Taliaferro

    Loan Committee
    Principal, Access Ventures
  • Jenny Terry

    Loan Committee
    Finance & Compliance Manager, Buffer