Shelby Park

Creative capital to support thoughtful growth in a historically disinvested urban neighborhood.

shelby park

Access Ventures was born in Shelby Park. Because every neighborhood is complex, asymmetric, and dynamic we deployed a capital strategy that sought to consider and be inspired by the shape, character, and purpose of the place and people, culturally and historically.

Residential Housing

From 2013-2018, Access Ventures renovated 16 units that were formerly abandoned. As we started work in Shelby Park, decades of dis-investment left over 300 vacant and abandoned homes in this small 15 block urban neighborhood. To provide safe and affordable housing, patient debt financing was needed in order to allow for more investment in the infrastructure of the homes, thereby helping to bring the overall costs down. We also mobilized over 3000+ hours of volunteer Saturdays on community projects for a period of 3 years.

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The Park

1229 S Shelby was our first commercial purchase along a historic neighborhood commercial corridor. The building had been many things and sat vacant for years. We purchased it as our first office in 2013 and expanded its capacity to include co-working which had not yet made its way to Louisville. We wanted to offer a low-cost place for people to work that provided a clean, vibrant, and connected space for them to grow their company.

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The Park

Public Art

Neighborhoods are diverse and complex and have both individual and collective stories to share. Art has the power to inspire, confront, and elevate people and their experiences and it was important to include an investment in public spaces through art.

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