The One-Pocket Mindset

Our investment approach is one-pocket. A one-pocket mindset dispels the notion that investment strategies seeking social returns must be separated from those seeking financial returns. Rather than a siloed approach to deploying capital, one-pocket investing puts your mission at the center of your strategy, and ultimately at the center of all of your investments.

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What is One-Pocket Investing?

Traditional thinking believes in order to do the greatest good, you first need to make the most return – that good work and charitable contribution comes from the overflow of financial return. We call this model the traditional two-pocket mindset: assets in one pocket are viewed strictly as income-generating, while the other pocket devoted is to philanthropic purposes.

The problem with this thinking is twofold: (1) it vastly reduces the dollars deployed for intentional purposes beyond profit and (2) it can lead to missional conflict. Because the investments are about profit, they historically have not been required to consider any sort of social or environmental effect and therefore, in the pursuit of maximizing returns, an endowment can often invest in companies that are antithetical to the organization’s purpose.

With the one-pocket mindset, you can derive appropriate returns without compromising your purpose. This investment approach believes the core purpose of an organization should be at the center of both program AND investment decisions and strategies; that being a good steward means inspecting every dollar for mission fit prior to its deployment. Your mission is at the center of your strategy, serving as the gravitational pull as you invest across a spectrum of asset classes. Making both program-related investments and market-rate investments, you end up with a blended portfolio that is maximized for impact and weighted for return.

Access Ventures specializes in one-pocket investing, operating in partnership with a network of experts across asset classes to surface high-performing opportunities that meet the investment targets necessary to drive both financial and social impact.

What is One-Pocket Investing?

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We can’t do it all, no one can. In order to accomplish our mission of every deployed dollar aligning with our mission of building a more inclusive economy, we intentionally work with various partners. From investment managers, to alternative fund managers, to technology platforms; we work diligently to ensure each and every dollar is weighted for return and maximized for impact.

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