In our third episode, Bryce Butler of Access Ventures sits down with Jim Sorenson of the Sorenson Impact Foundation and Sorenson Impact Center which invests in innovative, scalable solutions to the world’s most pressing needs. They talk about his family, the impact they’ve had on him, and how the things he has learned from his parents have influenced the way he built his business. Where you come from and the people who are important to you, shape the way you see the world and approach work.

Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Jim Sorenson is a world-renowned entrepreneur, business leader, and social innovator. Early in life, he learned about business while watching his father go from medical supply sales to developing products such as the first disposable surgical mask.

Jim went on to become CEO of Sorenson Media and built a team that developed a technology that played a crucial role in the emergence and prominence of video compression technology. He also developed a high-quality, low-cost videophone that became the industry’s standard design, for the groundbreaking nationwide video relay service for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals that enabled the deaf to communicate via the Internet.

Since then, he has been a pioneer in pay for success, opportunity zone work across the country, and the impact investing space more broadly. Jim has been instrumental in taking this movement mainstream.

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