On this episode, Bryce talks with Jay Lipman, Co-founder and President of Ethic. Ethic is a data-driven technology platform that creates sustainable passive investments for institutional investors and is an Access Ventures portfolio company. They discuss how transparency can add value to your portfolio and help people understand the impact they are having, especially from an investment perspective. Jay walks through the impact the decisions we make every day have on the world and how to be more intentional and ethical about how you go about making them.

Jay founded Ethic in 2015 in Silicon Valley and has since been featured in Forbes 30 under 30. He is not a self-proclaimed eco-warrior, he’s not in this business to shame people away from the negative impacts of exploitive companies, but to help every person think more deeply about their own values and how those may or may not be reflected in their portfolio. The real power of Ethic as a tech platform is its ability to move us towards this more ethical future by better understanding ourselves and more deeply understanding the broad macro risk from traditional investing that doesn’t factor things in such as data hacks, plane crashes, or corrupt leadership.

Jay’s background contains some of the more traditional financial market experiences, but his passion for the integration of one’s values into their broader investment structure began right out of university as he traveled throughout eastern Africa. 

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