Through our initiatives, we employ out-of-the-box approaches to solving systemic issues in our economy.


Our work focuses on three key concepts: blockchain technology's ability to break down exclusionary barriers in our economy, innovative ways to increase entrepreneurs' access to capital, and the inherent ability of creators to facilitate positive change and value to our communities.


A compelling alternative to centralized institutions that will facilitate access to the economy in exciting new ways.

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Access to Capital

We’re making it easier for entrepreneurs to access the capital they need to create more vibrant communities.

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Creative Economy

We recognize the value and impact of creators and in the potential of their art and creative businesses to be a powerful force for change.

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creative economy
When taking a risk is the best way to solve a problem...

Before an idea or project garners the momentum it needs to create a more creative and inclusive economy, it requires support and buy-in during the proof-of-concept phase. This is where the Access Ventures BetaLab comes in.

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