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Creators, Innovators, Disruptors, Change-Agents. Entrepreneurs (and the various ways we describe them) inspire us to understand the world as it is today and see it for the world it could be. Whether you are a creator, small business owner or entrepreneur, you're constantly hustling to realize your dream when so many things stand in your way. Whether you need capital to start or grow your business, funding to support your creative endeavor, or encouragement and technical assistance to knock down roadblocks in your path, we want to support you!


An essential, powerful force for change, using vision and creativity to uncover and capture the voices and stories that often go unheard.

Small Business Owners

Job creators shaping the fabric of our local communities and weaving together a sense of community pride and ownership that translates into progress.


Change-makers driving long-term community and economic growth through new, innovative ideas that create value across markets and at scale, solve problems.

Types of Capital

Access Ventures is a leading source of capital for entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators that share our desire to see people and communities flourish. Presently, these are the ways we help support these disrupters across the country.

Catchafire Team


Since 2015, we have made direct investments into companies that are advancing social good. Our activity on this front has consisted of a blend of equity and convertible debt investments into high growth, early stage technology startups, as well as strategic equity positions in more mature organizations in sectors which range from quick service restaurants to coffee roasteries. More than just shareholders, we are users, network partners, brand ambassadors, and thought partners to the entrepreneurs and organizations in which we invest.

In 2018, we launched a new initiative focused on placing equity and token investments into organizations that are building out the infrastructure that will support the blockchain economy.

We want to invest our capital and strategic support into platforms and technologies that profitably and responsibly solve problems that affect the marginalized consumer. We are committed to providing capital in ways that are social, equitable, and transparent.

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Elixir Team


We provide simple and alternative ways for growing businesses to obtain access to capital by leveraging an entrepreneur’s character and their promising business model, rather than employing traditional underwriting methods.


Lenderfit makes it easier to discover equitable loan products and to provide lenders with the information they need for final approval. If you don’t know where to look for local capital, or you’re a lender who wants to save time when collecting information, Lenderfit is the solution.

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The Growth Loan

The Growth Loan is a $10k-$35k character based loan product for Louisville businesses who are not yet eligible for mainstream financing. Rather than focusing on credit or collateral, we’re interested in understanding you, your project, and what you think is necessary to succeed.

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PRI Fund

The PRI Fund is a low-interest loan fund supporting businesses that are working to provide pathways to employment for historically excluded persons. These persons often need better supportive employment options that consider their entire needs as they make strides towards greater opportunity and mobility and the PRI fund invests in businesses using innovative approaches to meet those needs. Click below to email us to learn more!

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Since 2014, we have worked with Kiva to support the dreams of entrepreneurs across the US. After launching Kiva Communities in Louisville, KY, Columbus, OH, and Tulsa, OK, we developed a playbook for future Kiva communities and continue to support small businesses in their pursuit of a better tomorrow. If you are in need of $10,000 at 0% to start or grow your business, check them out today!

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Vsco Voices team


As a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation, we are able to offer grants to organizations aligned with our mission of building more inclusive and creative economies. We do not respond to grant requests as we develop with partners, the programs we support.
VSCO Voices


As creators, we possess the power to uncover and capture voices and stories not heard. VSCO Voices is a $20,000 grant program in partnership with VSCO that supports five creators with funding and mentorship to give voice to marginalized communities through art.

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Growth Loan Closings

Technical Assistance

We provide support by identifying and connecting industry thought leaders and high-impact brand advocates to entrepreneurs and organizations. We seek to connect our investment partners with those that have the ability to support, enhance, or grow their impact.


Village Capital

Have a world changing idea? Village Capital builds a community of entrepreneurs solving major problems in society through a series of intensive programs. Because of their unique peer selection model, over 40% of their portfolio are women-led ventures and 25% people of color.

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GAN Accelerators

GAN Accelerators provide strategic support, human and financial capital, and unparalleled networking and connections to startups at the earliest stages of their companies, when they need it the most. Over the past 10 years, over 9,500+ companies have participated in one of GAN Accelerator’s 90+ accelerators on six continents. Because of their community and support, we invested in GAN Ventures in July 2018 and are proud to recommend their programming to you.

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Small Business Development Corporation

For those businesses pursuing a Growth Loan in Louisville, we have partnered with the Small Business Development Corporation to work with borrowers that need some additional support to fine tune their business model and financial statements before they would come to committee.

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