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Our mission is to initiate systemic change in communities that results in a more inclusive and creative economy by demonstrating financial return and social impact are not mutually exclusive. We do this by deploying a one-pocket approach as a private operating foundation.

We believe true inclusion involves seeing all people (of diverse identities and backgrounds) as valuable and that each person offers unique contributions to our communities and economies.

The economy represents not just an engine for industry, but an opportunity to demonstrate the inalienable dignity of all people. A system that prioritizes people will be more inclusive and creative.

Our Core Values

At Access Ventures, our Core Values are the ideals that we refuse to compromise as we do our work and pursue our vision. If you resonate with these values, there’s a good chance that you’ll fit into our culture.

  • Be Present:

    As individuals, presence is essential to drive empathy, creativity, and balance.

  • We Value Growth & Humility:

    As a team, we view growth as a mindset required to reach our lofty goals and humility as a grounding force.

  • Try New Things

    We strive to think critically and never settle for the safest or most traditional approach. We aren't scared to try something new. Failure is okay.

  • We Value Creativity:

    As a company, we value creativity because creative is what we are meant to be and it is integral to human flourishing.

  • We Value Storytelling:

    We believe storytelling is a powerful way to spark change, pass on ideas, and build empathy.

  • We Value Human Dignity:

    Every decision we make is focused on cultivating the worth and honor of every person.

  • Default to Impact:

    As a team, we take risks not for personal reward but to see change and movement.

Benefits and Perks

No doubt you may be wondering more about what it is like to work at Access Ventures. Our benefits package for full-time employees represents our desire to take care of our employees and their families. These benefits and perks are one way we strive to cultivate an environment where our people can flourish in their work.

Health & Wellness

  • Medical Insurance- We have several high-quality Aetna medical plans for you to choose from depending on your needs. We are excited to be able to cover over 85% of the medical premium for our qualifying employees.
  • Dental Insurance- We’ve got your dental premiums covered, all the way.
  • Health Savings Account- If you choose a high-deductible health insurance plan, AV will contribute to your HSA at a level dependent on your family size.
  • Mental and Financial Health- Taking care of yourself doesn’t end with having good health insurance, especially when it comes to dealing with stress or issues in your life outside of work. We provide through Health Advocated a 24/7 Employee Assistance Program to support mental health and a balanced lifestyle.
  • YMCA Membership- We provide a fully paid membership to any local YMCA facility, for you and your family or reimbursement for any gym of your choice.
  • We love our Jarvis standing desks!


  • Flex Work- Our team has general trends on when they are in the office, and we protect time for key meetings and team events. But team members have significant flexibility to design their ideal workweek.

Unlimited PTO

  • On day one you qualify for unlimited PTO. We work hard and enjoy the flexibility to take time off when we want to.
  • Remote Work- we have a beautiful headquarters in Louisville, but if you want to work remotely for a short stint from another beautiful location, we love to make that happen.
  • Parental Leave- full-time employees are eligible for maternity and paternity leave.
  • Corporate Rest- twice a year, and for one week at a time, the office closes. This ensures our team can achieve a real rest for their work.


Other Perks

  • Retirement Planning– Save for retirement with pre-tax contributions to your Justworks 401(k) account with a 6% employer match. Get access to big fund managers like Vanguard and Fidelity.
  • Student Debt or Tuition Reimbursement- employees are eligible to use their 6% retirement match on student debt or current tuition reimbursement.
  • Cell Phone Reimbursement- we’ll reimburse you for your cell phone since that is the primary phone you use each day.
  • Costco Membership- we provide a Costco membership for you and your spouse…everything’s better in bulk, right?
  • Snacks and Lunch- you get daily access to our kitchen, stocked with snacks, drinks, and lunch meals.
  • Learning & Development- We make resources for professional learning and development, external conferences, and leadership programming such as executive education coursework available to employees at all levels.