You Are a Storyteller

with Brian McDonald and Jesse Bryan

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About This Episode

On this episode of How You Create, Ben and Joshua are joined by Brian McDonald and Jesse Bryan. In the words of Jesse, Brian is the best storyteller alive today. Aside from being Brian’s biggest hype man, Jesse is Founder and CEO of Belief Agency. Brian and Jesse work together at Belief Agency, which is a full-service creative agency and story consultancy that believes the truth is enough. Things don’t always have to be so arduous, and oftentimes people use big words and over-complicate things to come off as experts. These two live by Einstein’s “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, then you don’t understand it yourself.” And with their deep understanding of storytelling, it all just makes sense. 

The four discuss armature, a concept that Brian learned from his time working alongside sculptors. They would start with a wire skeleton to support the weight of the clay. It holds everything together, everything is built upon it, and it’s one of the most important elements of the sculpture, but it’s not what people see or pay attention to. The four discuss how that concept applies to almost everything, including storytelling. They also get into what it means to survive – culturally, spiritually, emotionally, communally and more. This is not an episode you want to miss. Learn more by listening to this episode of How You Create, You Are a Storyteller with Brian McDonald and Jesse Bryan.

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