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Creative expression is a powerful tool for sparking change and creating dialogue. Today, we invite you to make art and drive awareness to underrepresented stories in the United States by applying to VSCO Voices 2019.

In partnership with VSCO, VSCO Voices 2019 is a six-month grant program that supports creators who empower marginalized communities in the United States. This year, five individuals will receive $20,000 in funding to carry out their projects. In addition to financial support, each recipient will be paired with a mentor from the creative community to offer advice and encouragement throughout the process.

We believe creators are a powerful force for change. So we’re thrilled to partner with VSCO to enable creators to cultivate conceptually rich and beautiful art that gives a voice to underrepresented communities.

This Year’s Theme

We’ll be looking for project proposals that speak to this year’s theme of Style. Extending beyond the clothing we wear, style is a voice, attitude, movement, hair, body art, expression. It’s who we are. It’s our story. And, it has the power to shift important cultural conversations.

The team at VSCO will review all applications alongside our team at Access Ventures. When reviewing your application, we’ll be looking for project proposals that present a compelling project idea, how it relates to this year’s theme, and how this project will drive awareness or spark dialogue about the realities, truths, or challenges faced by marginalized communities in the US.

How to Apply

Apply to this year’s grant program on the VSCO Voices website. As of today, the application process will remain open until February 18th, 2019 at 11:59 PM PST. To qualify for the grant, you must live in the United States, be at least 18 years old, and have created a VSCO profile.

For additional information, check out our Q+A.

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Ben Terry

Partner, Creative

Ben Terry is a Partner at Access Ventures. He provides creative support to our portfolio companies, initiatives and leads the creative team.

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