The Most Memorable Moments From More Than Profit Season 1

We had such a great time learning and listening during More Than Profit Season 1. There were so many important topics discussed and lessons learned. Below, you’ll find a couple of my favorite moments of each podcast to remind you of some meaningful conversations or to give you a sneak peek of the episodes if you haven’t had a chance to listen yet. We are working hard to put together Season 2 and are excited to launch in the Fall! Until then, make sure to check out some amazing moments from Season 1.

From impact investing and ESG, to affordable housing, to a special episode on COVID19, Season 1 was an exciting journey. Personally, I was able to both connect with several friends and build new relationships through this journey – and in every conversation, I learned a lot! I was able to see each person and their work from a new perspective and gain a newfound appreciation for their individual stories that have shaped their life’s work to-date.

Isn’t that what it’s all about – taking time to listen to one another’s stories? Perhaps we might understand perspectives different from our own a bit more? Perhaps we would step in and step up when we see something around us that needs to change? We may still disagree, but we can begin to understand more if we listen more. To grow in empathy, we have to start there.

We would love to hear from you as well. What were some of your favorite moments?

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Shruti Shah, Silicon Valley Bank

Shruti Shah shares what she learned from an early business failure.

“You can fail and be OK.”

Allie Burns, Village Capital

Allie Burns talks about why it is important to make it easier for entrepreneurs to access capital.

“We need to create a system where it’s easier to start a company.”

Jay Lipman, Ethic

Jay Lipman talks about how to drive change and the most powerful part of his work at Ethic.

“If you change the ways companies interact with the resources they utilize, you can increase the wellbeing of individuals and the environment at a massive scale.”

Jean Case, Case Foundation

Jean Case talks about business as a powerful force for change, her work in “field-building” and the next season of the Case Impact Network and Capitalism 2.0.

“For me it really is about empowering others.”

Jonny Price, WeFunder

Jonny Price shares his perspective on economic inequality and access to capital for entrepreneurs of color.

“If the “market” is driving us in a direction that is having negative outcomes in a lot of areas, a higher GDP rate is not enough compensation.”

Rose Afriyie, mRelief

Rose Afriyie talks about how she works to dispel community skepticism.

“Bringing your passion and creativity to change is really important.”

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