Show Up & Say Yes

with Brendon Maxwell

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About This Episode

On this episode, we are talking with Brendon Maxwell, co-founder and Chief Impact Officer at Utopian Coffee. He and a best friend started Utopian Coffee in 2006 as a way to bring craft-roasted coffee to individuals throughout the U.S. who are tired of choosing between quality coffee and making meaningful purchases. They dig in deep with coffee-producing partners across the globe to create products that both taste good and do good. That means fair pricing for raw materials, doing the long and complex work of sustainable development, and maintaining an unwavering focus on providing the best quality at the best price with the best service.

Brendon’s love of adventure and travel are only matched by his ability to never meet a stranger. Everywhere he goes, he is able to foster deep relationships and this is what makes Utopian a unique brand of craft coffee. Learn more on this episode of More Than Profit, Show Up & Say Yes with Brendon Maxwell.

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