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We’re looking for a great investor to help co-create a vision with us for investing in America’s communities. At Access Ventures, we’ve approached addressing systemic challenge through a one-pocket investment mindset.

A one-pocket mindset believes:

  • You can derive appropriate returns without compromising your purpose.
  • The core purpose of an organization should be at the center of both program and investment decisions and strategies.
  • Being a good steward means inspecting every dollar for mission fit prior to its deployment.

We consider the alignment of resources and values as convictional common sense: our mission acts as the gravitational pull as we invest across a spectrum of asset classes.

Over the past four years, we’ve created a blueprint for this investment strategy as we have invested in our backyard of Shelby Park, Louisville, in real estate, housing, startups, and mature operating businesses creating quality jobs, and expanded our footprint across the United States with investments now in over 12 states. We are seeing both attractive financial returns and real impact in our communities.

Now, we have a rare opportunity to focus entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers towards solving our country’s problems through a one-pocket investment mindset. In 2017, Congress passed the Investing in Opportunity Act (IIOA) in order to move capital to economically distressed places. As we mentioned in early June when we announced we were exploring an Opportunity Zone Fund, and based off our expertise and track record at Access Ventures, we are continuing in our effort around setting up a Qualified Opportunity Fund (or Funds) to provide a blueprint that can help solve the problems many communities face and with an emphasis on a multi-asset class approach with entrepreneurs at the center of the strategy.

ross baird

We have been working with Ross Baird, a Venture Partner at Access Ventures and co-founder of Village Capital, one of the pioneer “one-pocket” investment funds, to set up this new fund, and we are now looking to bring together a founding team.

As we build this out, we’re looking for a co-founder and managing director to run the day-to-day operations of this fund. You’ll join our team as we build out a one-pocket investment strategy across the country.

We're interested in people who have some or all of the following insights:

  • An understanding of how to invest in entrepreneurs and/or real estate and realize compelling returns.
  • A passion for understanding and operating in economically distressed communities and with underestimated founders.
  • A desire to join a founding team and lead the operations of a one-pocket investment fund.

If you’re interested in joining us to create a blueprint to invest in healthier communities, we’re interested. Send your resume and cover letter to to learn more.

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