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This Saturday November 7th, Access Ventures will celebrate the completion of Sunshine and Shadow, the new mural by artist and teacher Gibbs Rounsavall at the corner of Oak and Shelby Streets in Shelby Park.

Sunshine shadow mural

We invest in the creative arts within a neighborhood, but also in the artists themselves. Based in Louisville, KY, Rounsavall is well-known for his abstract enamel paintings exploring movement through pattern and color. And his accomplishments as an art teacher at a local high school demonstrates his rootedness to the community. We are honored to stand alongside Gibbs as he produces new, unique work and we believe the development and support of creatives is critical for positive impact in communities.

gibbs mural 2015

Saturday will be a celebration of both the neighborhood of Shelby Park and Gibbs Rounsavall, who worked for nearly three months to complete this large-scale mural. From 10 am to 2 pm visitors can enjoy food and coffee as well free family portraits from a professional photographer. They will also have the chance to interact with Gibbs and ask questions about his process and experience. Gibbs said of the project…

There is no way I would regret this, this was a life changer. This made me a better person.

We have identified the need to provide access to artists to come up with new ideas and the support to try them out. We provide them with the resources to pursue their creative vision that we believe will have far-reaching implications for themselves, their work, and the community.


WHERE: 741 E. Oak Street, Louisville, Ky. WHEN: 10 AM To 2 PM WHAT: Meet The Mural Artist, Food, Coffee, Free Family Portraits

You can register for the event by visiting the Facebook event page.

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