Introducing VSCO Voices

Individuals across art forms — As creators, we possess the power to uncover and capture voices not heard, visions not shared, stories not told. Your medium is a microphone. A podium for possibility.

We look to you. Your camera. Your canvas. Your color. Your creations. Open ears. Open eyes. Open hearts.Quiet fear. Amplify empathy. Make action. Make hope. Make art.

We believe that the cultivation of smart, skilled, conceptually rich and beautiful art is essential for the health and development of individuals and communities. We see value in providing creatives access to come up with new ideas and the support and funding to try them out. By partnering with others to help fund and resource the creative community individuals are offered the creative freedom to express themselves while inspiring and challenging others around them.

VSCO Voices

Together with VSCO, we believe that creators are amongst the best equipped to spread and awaken diverse perspectives. This is why, today, we bring you — a new grant program that supports creators who use art to empower marginalized communities in the United States. We believe in the power of helping creators spread diverse perspectives since creators are a powerful force for change. We’re thrilled to partner with VSCO to enable creators to cultivate conceptually rich and beautiful art that gives a voice to underrepresented communities and are excited to see what these creators come up with.

Spanning from April through November 2018, the six-month program will provide each of the five grant recipients with mentorship and $20,000 in funding. Applications will be selected based on relevance to this year’s grant theme, and based on criteria including thoughtfulness, passion, as well as continued commitment to the community described.

A new grant program that supports creators who use art to empower marginalized communities.

We will open the VSCO Voices application and announce the grant theme on Monday, February 5th at 1:00pm ET. To qualify for the grant, you must be a VSCO community member (this means that you have a VSCO profile), US-based, and at least 18 years of age. The application requires your general information and portfolio, as well as your project idea, art medium, and required funding. Interested in applying? Click here to learn more about the program.

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