Innovative Capital

with Alexandre Lazarow

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About This Episode

On this episode of More Than Profit, Bryce talks with Alexandre Lazarow, Partner, Head of North America for Cathay Innovation, a global venture capital fund with over $4 billion in assets under management, and a global footprint including San Francisco, New York, Paris, Munich, Tel Aviv, Beijing, and Shanghai. Alexandre is also the author of Out-Innovate: How Global Entrepreneurs – from Delhi to Detroit – Are Rewriting the Rules of Silicon Valley.

Alexandre and Bryce discuss financial inclusion, impact investing in the fintech and healthcare spaces, and how to balance the trend towards automation with the importance of human connection. They also talk about what Alexandre calls “frontier economies” and the false narrative of the “Silicon Valley gospel.” Learn more on this episode of More Than Profit, Innovative Capital with Alexandre Lazarow.

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“The new Wild West of innovation is all around the world, not Silicon Valley.”

Alexandre Lazarow