Exploring the Venture Studio Model

with Miles Lasater

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About This Episode

On this episode of More Than Profit, Bryce is talking with Miles Lasater, Founder and CEO of Purpose Built. Purpose Built is a venture studio that partners with future founders, generates ideas together, builds teams, and invests capital to launch new companies. Miles is from San Francisco and was surrounded by entrepreneurs growing up. Miles started his first company, Higher One, when he was in college. From there he went on to start two other startups, SeeClickFix and OneUni. He fell in love with the venture studio model and his goal throughout his career was to eventually start one of his own. Bryce and Miles talk about how the venture studio model works, the qualities of a successful venture, and how social impact fits into it all. Learn more on this episode of More Than Profit, Exploring the Venture Studio Model With Miles Lasater.

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“The people are what will make the success of the venture more so than any particular idea.”