Hidden Ventures and Scaling the Creator Economy

With Ben Terry

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About This Episode

On this episode of More Than Profit, Bryce talks with Ben Terry, Chief Creative Officer at Access Ventures. Ben joined Access Ventures in 2014 to help create and lead the brand and marketing of the new organization and sought out opportunities to support creatives and artists in the area. He and Bryce discuss several of the creative projects Access Ventures has been a part of over the years. They try to define the creative economy and the creator economy and talk about the differences between the two. They discuss finding the right tools to help creatives succeed and make returns. To address this issue, Ben created Hidden Ventures, an investment firm to help creatives who are starting out.

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“Creatives or creators are creating culture: they’re culture-makers. They’re the ones that help us process or question the things that are happening around us.”

Ben Terry