How to Reduce Criminal Deviancy

With Dr. Anthony Bradley

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On this episode of More Than Profit, Bryce talks with Dr. Anthony Bradley, Professor of Religious studies and Director of the Center for the Study of Human Flourishing at King’s College in New York City who also has an M.A. in Ethics and Society from Fordham University as well as an M.S in Criminal Justice from John Jay College. He is a prolific author including Ending Over Criminalization and Mass Incarceration: Hope from Civil Society that came out in 2019. Bryce and Anthony discuss over-criminalization, the importance of family dynamics, the good and the bad of capitalism and much more. They do a deep dive on the criminal justice system, the way our country uses it to manage our poor communities, and ways we need to support people through jobs and working to build stable families to work against mass incarceration.

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Anthony Bradley

“Everybody has an opportunity to humanize someone else.”

Dr. Anthony Bradley