A Random Walk

with Mark Minnery and Dennis Cooper

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About This Episode

In this episode of A Random Walk, host TJ Abood is joined by Mark Minnery and Dennis Cooper, respectively the President and Chief Creative Officer of Resonate Recordings, a podcast production studio. You may recognize these names from their highly successful true-crime podcast, Culpable. With Dennis as the host and Mark as a partner, producer, and conceptualizer, this dynamic duo has achieved an impressive 40 million downloads since the podcast’s inception in 2019.

Joined by co-host Ben Terry, the managing director of Hidden Ventures, a boutique venture fund specializing in early-stage creatives. Ben is also the host of the niche podcast, How You Create, which highlights the stories of various personalities in the creative community.

Joining forces, the four delve into the intricacies of creating a successful podcast, sharing insights from their collective experience as seasoned veterans and beginners alike. Mark and Dennis explore the different stages of podcast development, from the perspective of both hobbyist podcasters and enterprise-level professionals. They also candidly discuss the mental toll of producing content in the true crime genre and the challenges of maintaining privacy amidst millions of listeners.

Tune in to this engaging episode and discover the secrets behind successful podcasting, while gaining valuable insights from industry experts. All on A Random Walk with Dennis Cooper and Mark Minnery! 

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