Building a More Inclusive and Creative Economy

In 2021 our team worked hard alongside our portfolio companies and partners to build a more inclusive and creative economy, launching a public benefit corporation, helping entrepreneurs grow and scale their solutions, and improving access to the economy for everyone by investing in decentralized finance; all while maintaining 96% mission alignment through our one-pocket mindset. We invite you to download your own copy of our annual report.

Access Ventures' 2021 Annual Report


2021 Annual Report

As we look back at 2021, we are proud of how our team, partners, and portfolio companies led the way in improving access to the economy in ways that are equitable, dynamic, and resilient. Vulnerable people everywhere face systemic opposition. Therefore, it’s not okay to simply build a functioning economy – we must build a more inclusive economy. When you build strategies that prioritize people and recognize their inherent dignity, great things happen.

We’ve now all experienced almost two years of uncertainty and disruption in our daily lives due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, our team continue to press through and work every day alongside our partners to consciously construct a dynamic portfolio believing that when we build better strategies for our portfolios we challenge false assumptions about returns and how best to maximize impact by demonstrating financial return and social impact are not mutually exclusive.

“We envision an economy that functions for all people, and in which everyone is valued”

We firmly believe in making investments aligned to our values, that reflect our values across asset classes and geographies. Every opportunity is first inspected for mission alignment, then reviewed for financial fit. Rather than a siloed approach to deploying capital, through a one-pocket mindset, we put our mission at the center of our strategy, and ultimately at the center of all our investments.