We are catalyzing the development of technology which facilitates access to the economy in exciting new ways, and which we expect to become as prevalent and disruptive as the internet.

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Innovation in the blockchain space will accelerate during the next few years and redefine the ways we engage with, and transact on, the internet for the better. Trusted third parties have long acted as the gatekeeper to a more inclusive economy and now a technology exists to offer an alternative.

We invest in projects of all sizes, from unfunded ideas to live, fully-functioning networks. Our primary imperative is to identify any projects that can achieve or activate near term adoption, and catalyze their development — whatever stage they are in along that journey.

With a history of initiating adoption of new ideas, when we back a project we do so as users. We buy into the network it creates and commit to support it with our participation. More than just financial investors, we’re willing partners and active participants in the ecosystems entrepreneurs are building. We are users, network builders, node-runners, brand ambassadors, and storytellers.

Our Blockchain Investments

Access Ventures has truly been with us since the beginning and we simply wouldn’t be where we are today as a company without them. Since joining us early in our mission, Access Ventures has been deeply committed to both our commercial success and our impact. Whenever we have asked for guidance, they have been there, helping us add clients and evangelizing our product.

Jay Lipman, Ethic Co-Founder/President

We are long-only investors and are not swayed by swings in the current market conditions of this new world of liquid traded early stage securities. We are, conversely, sensitive to innovation which accelerates the adoptability of a particular ecosystem design. We believe the best entrepreneurs in this new digital economy are not tractable or obdurate; able to silence noise from financial markets and technology pronouncements, but nimble enough to adapt to shifting infrastructure and adopt new technologies.

Accordingly, we invest in a range of funding structures, from traditional equity to token assets. We move quickly in placing initial investments, and reserve a larger allocation of capital that is reinvested as we prove out a network’s ability to scale and drive adoption.

Access Ventures has long held the belief that change happens in the context of relationship. As a result of this guiding philosophy we have developed an expansive network of partners, co-investors, and associations across all sectors of the economy. So tell us about your project; we are always eager to meet new partners who share our vision of the decentralized economy and have an interest in joining our diverse network.

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Our vision is to impact the world by providing capital to the best organizations. If you have a project or idea you’d like to discuss with us then please send us information about your business to review.

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