Village Capital operates business development programs for early-stage entrepreneurs in agriculture, education, energy, financial inclusion, and health. VilCap puts the power of investment in the hands of the entrepreneurs.

For every program, a group—or “cohort”—of approximately 12 companies working to solve different problems in a specific sector (agriculture, education, energy, financial inclusion, or health) is assembled. After each program workshop, the entrepreneurs rank each other according to six criteria and after the final ranking, the two top-ranked companies receive $50,000+ in investment. This is their peer-selected investment model

Village Capital increases opportunities and resources for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Village Capital’s unique model won McKinsey/Harvard Business Review’s prestigious M-Prize for innovation in 2013. To date, 96% of its alumni would recommend Village Capital’s programs to other entrepreneurs, and 91% of its portfolio companies are still in business.

To further capitalize on the model, a for-profit VilCap fund was established in 2015. The fund has $17MM million committed for follow-on capital as cohort companies continue to raise money after they complete the program

Ross Baird Village Capital

Why Village Capital?

We participated as co-investors in their Financial Technologies (FinTech) Cohort which aligns with our desire to support the expansion and creation of new markets for the underserved and unbanked.

2015 Cohort Investments

  • Student Loan Genius
  • Quotanda

2016 Cohort Investments

  • Upsie
  • Fig Loans

2017 Cohort Investments

  • Paykii

Also in an effort to align all of our assets along our mission of seeing communities thrive, we made an equity investment in VilCap Investments, LLC, their affiliated, for-profit investment fund, that invests in the two top-ranked graduates from each program as well as follow-on into companies that are beginning to scale.


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