Investors have taken note that active stock-pickers have trouble consistently meeting the growth of the broader market, despite the high fees paid for their expertise. This reality has led to the growth of passive investment vehicles, which allows an investor to buy into a low-cost fund that does nothing more than track the performance of the broader market.

Index funds by definition provide an investor access to a broad basket of equities. Ability to filter these buckets around themes such as environmental sustainability, social factors, and governance-related metrics would be invaluable as people look to include more values in their portfolio. However, while index funds have become a normal part of an investor’s portfolio, those of us that seek value alignment have limited options.

The process of creating a public market portfolio which aligns with your values is certainly a labor of love. When Access Ventures first began the process of becoming a one-pocket investor, we lamented not having custom index options. Then we came across Ethic and immediately understood the value they hoped to provide.

Why Ethic?

In addition to having a great name, Ethic provides customizable index funds based upon your individual values and tracks the performance of your custom fund against the relevant benchmark index. We met them just after they completed the 500 Startups accelerator program, and participated in their equity round of capital designed to help the company finish their product build and fund a go-to-market effort. At that time, we also committed to being one of the first active accounts on the platform.

At Access Ventures we seek mission-alignment in every area of our work. Ethic is an example of a partner that provides impact through providing access to passive investment into value-aligned public equities.

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